Why do tears come out when we cry?

Monday - 5 February, 2018

It can be defined in 2 ways viz crying (weeping) and lacrimation.

1. Crying is shedding of tears in response to an emotional state.

2. Lacrimation is non-emotional shedding of tears.

Why tears come out when we cry?

It is all because of our lacrimal system that sits next to our eyeball.This system acts as both a secretory system (that produce tears) and an excretory system (that drains them).

When a tear is produced from lacrimal gland(that is present between eyeball and eyelid),we spontaneously blink, spreading the tear as a film across our eye.

Our tear then has 2 fates either it will remain there only, giving a blurring vision for a while or;

It can drain off down, subsequently draining through your nose(hence why our nose runs when we cry).Finally you start crying!

Our lacrimal drainage system simply can not deal with volume of tears. “The resultant excess of fluid now cascades over your eyelids and down your cheeks.”

Types of tears:

1. Basal(Worker) tears - These tears keep our cornea(transparent front of eye) nourished and lubricated and our eyes don't dry out.

2. Reflex tears - These help us to wash out any irritations to our eyes from foreign particles or vapours(onions,the classic example).

3. (Final ones,the real) Psychic/Crying tears - These are produced in response to strong emotions you experience from stress, pleasure, anger,sadness,suffer to indeed,physical pain.

Psychic tears even contain a natural pain-killer called 'Leucine Enkephalin' perhaps that's the part of reason why we feel relaxed and better after crying!

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