Top 10 Most Beautiful Cities In The World

Wednesday - 5 December, 2017

How would you define the beauty of a city? Probably based on art, architecture, mountains, beaches..etc. Some cities famous for their natural attractions, some for man made attractions and some others for both. That’s based on how you define the beauty. Here the list of 10 most beautiful cities in the world.

10 Sydney, Australia

  • Sydney has more than 100 awesome beaches
  • Home to the architectural marvel the Sydney Opera House. It's a world heritage site and hosts more than 1500 performances a year.
  • With hundreds of kilometers of shoreline and iconic buildings, the Sydney Harbour is perhaps the most amazing harbor in the world.
  • One of the best cities to watch spectacular New Year Eve firework display
  • On one side Sydney has man made wonders like Opera House. On another side, it's a magical world of nature with dramatic mountains, gorgeous beaches, spectacular gardens and National Parks.

9 New York, United States

  • The Statue of Liberty situated on the Liberty Island in New York is one of the most recognizable landmarks in the world. It's regarded as an icon of freedom.
  • The Central Park in New York City is one of the largest and most beautiful urban parks in the world. This park covers a vast area of 3.5 square kilometers.Central Park is also the most visited urban park in U.S.
  • New York has more theatres (420) than any other city in the world.
  • New York is home to some of the best museums in the world including Metropolitan museum of arts, American museum of natural history, Frick collection and Guggenheim museum.

8 Singapore City, Singapore

  • Home to the most expensive standalone casino resort - The Marina Bay Sands. The building cost of this resort estimated at US $5.5 billion. Marina Bay Sands has restaurants, theatres, exhibition centers and a 15000 sq meters casino.
  • The infinity pool in the 57th storey of Marina Bay Sands of Singapore is the largest infinity pool in the world.
  • Singapore is one of the cleanest cities in the world

7 Cape Town, South Africa

  • Victoria and Alfred water-front which is situated on Atlantic shore consists shops, restaurants, art galleries and restaurant. It brings stunning view of ocean and table mountain
  • The flat topped table mountain overlooking the city of Cape Town is a paradise for sightseers and hikers. This beautiful mountain has a height of 1084 meters. There is cable car service to reach the top of the mountain.
  • Bo-kaap suburb in central Cape Town is one of the most colorful cities in the world. Mixed colored houses in Bo-kaap have Georgian and Dutch architectural styles. These houses along with well-maintained cobblestone streets make it a photographer's paradise.

6 Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

  • Christ the Redeemer, situated on 700 meters high Corcovado mountain is the most famous attraction of Rio de Janeiro and an icon of Christianity. This 30 meters high, arm stretched statue is one of seven new wonders of the world.
  • With miles of white sand and turquoise blue waters the Copacabana beach of Rio among world's most beautiful beaches.
  • Covering 12.4 square miles, Tijuca forest one of the largest urban forests in the world. It protects hundreds of plant and animal life. Visitors can hike to park's highest peak Pico da Tijuca (1021 meter tall).

5 Istanbul, Turkey

  • Istanbul is the only transcontinental city (located on two continents) in the world - Europe and Asia.
  • It is one of the places to see the most beautiful sunset.
  • In spring time, visitors could see more than 20 million tulips in bloom.
  • With more than 4000 shops, Grand Bazaar in Istanbul is one of largest and oldest covered market in the world.

4 Florence, Italy

  • Galleria dell'Accademia di Firenze in Florence houses one of the greatest masterpiece ever built - Michelangelo's David.
  • Florence is the first place in Europe to have paved streets.
  • Florence cathedral, a domed cathedral, built between 1296 and 1436, is a world heritage site and a major tourist attraction of Florence. Its 45 meters wide Dome designed by Italian architect Filippo Brunelleschi is the largest masonry dome in the world.

3 Budapest, Hungary

  • Budapest is a great destination to enjoy the true architectural beauty. The finest example is Buda Castle, a massive 18th-century castle situated on Southern part of castle hill district. It has baroque, middle age and modern architectural styles.
  • The museum of fine arts in Budapest houses more than 100000 pieces of European origin art works.

2 Paris, France

  • As you know, Paris is regarded as the most romantic city in the world. There are many reasons behind it - The beauty of the city, delicious foods, lights and of course the wall of love. Le mur des je t'aime or wall of love 430 sq feet wall located in montmartre hill in Paris where the sentence 'I love you' has been written 311 times in 250 languages.
  • The Eiffel Tower of Paris is one of the most iconic landmarks in the world. Named after its engineer Gustave Eiffel, this magnificent monument has a height of 300 meters. There are elevators, lifts, and steps to reach the top of the tower. From there you can enjoy the stunning panoramic view of Paris city.
  • The louvre museum in Paris is the greatest and largest museum in the world. It has a collection of more than 38000 objects from 6th century B.C to the 21st century. The most famous and most valuable item among this collection is 'Mona Lisa, the portrait painting by the Great Leonardo Da Vinci.
  • Partis city is a heaven for food lovers and shopping.

1 Venice, Italy

  • Comprising 118 tiny islands connected by bridges, Venice is one of the most romantic and beautiful cities in the world. Interestingly, there are no roads in Venice. That's what makes this city so unique. Water Buses or gondolas (traditional Venetian rowing boats) are main ways to get around this beautiful city.

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