Top 10 Happiest Countries In The World

Monday - 24 December, 2017

What are the main factors that determine the happiness of a nation? The better life index released from Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development or OECD reveals the happiest places on Earth. This report is based on several factors including education, employment, life satisfaction, income, health, and the environment. Here the list of 10 happiest countries in the world.

10 Netherlands, Life Satisfaction Score : 7.4

The Dutch are one of most satisfied people in the world. The 75% of Dutch who aged between 15 and 64 have a job. The average household income in the Netherlands is US$25493. It is actually the amount of money left after all types of taxes. It is an important indicator of standard of living of a country. The Dutch also finds education as an important part of life and the literacy rate in the Netherlands is 99%.

The Dutch people also maintain a great work-life balance to keep the happiness within the family. Only a few percentage people work for long hours in the Netherlands. Both working men and women in the Netherlands find enough time to complete their domestic work and for childcare.

You can see a strong social network between Dutch people. They don’t hesitate to help other people. This strong support between Dutch people also limits the population of isolated people in the society. The average life expectancy of Dutch people is 81 years. The country has one of the best healthcare systems in Europe.

9 Sweden, Life Satisfaction Score : 7.4

Sweden is one of the least corrupt countries in the world. The transparent government is one of the key factors for the well-being of citizens. Sweden also has high voters turnout of 85%. It indicates the majority of Swedes trust their government. In case of employment, the 74% of Swedes who aged between 15-64 have a paid job. Sweden also has a high disposable income of US$23047. It represents the better life standard of Swedes.

The number of people who worked for long hours is very less in Sweden. It ensures a better work-life balance and Swedish parents get enough time for childcare. They have a literacy rate of 99%. The compulsory system to a secondary language other than Swedish promises better language skills to the students.

8 Finland, Life Satisfaction Score : 7.4

The smarter education system, cheaper health care, strong social network and better working conditions make Finland as one of the happiest countries in the world. Unlike other developed countries, the school hours are much shorter in Finland. But they provide a smart educational system, excellent student-teacher ratios and well-being service for all children. The 83% of Finns have qualified with university level degrees.

Finland has an average employment rate of 70%. The Finns earned a disposable income of US$25739 a year. They invest a major part of their earnings for education and training. It develops better skill and provide great job opportunities for people.

7 Australia, Life Satisfaction Score : 7.4

With GDP of US$1.5 trillion Australia is one of largest economic powers in the world. The 72% of Australians who aged between 15 and 64 have a job. The disposable income of Australians is US$31197 a year. It represents Australians maintain a higher living standard. Australians also face a very low risk of losing their job.

The 74% percentage of Australians qualified with a high school level degree. They also ranked in top level reading, science programs, and maths. The world-class education system in Australia also attracts the foreigners to the country. The ‘school to work’ program in Australian schools let the students develop working skill before they finish their degree. Such programs in Australia not only open a world of opportunities but also built a productive workforce.

6 Iceland, Life Satisfaction Score : 7.5

Iceland is rich, beautiful, peaceful and world class educational system. So there is no wonder why this country has one of the happiest people on Earth. Iceland has a high working population, 80% of Icelanders have a paid job. The employment rate of women is also much higher in Iceland, over 79%. But the Icelanders maintain a perfect work-life balance so that their daily life becomes less stressful.

5 Austria, Life Satisfaction Score : 7.5

Safety is an important factor that defines the happiness of citizens in a country. In that way, Austria is the best place to live in. The country has very low crime rate. The girls can securely travel in Austria at any time. Austria is also known for the cleanliness and beautiful landscapes.

The employment rate in Austria is 73%. Even the full-time workers find time for socializing, childcare and to enjoy their won hobbies. The Austrians also get enough holidays in a year to enjoy their life. They are one of most relaxed citizens in the world.

4 Denmark, Life Satisfaction Score : 7.6

Denmark consistently ranked in top levels in many measures including security, trust, health, wealth, and education. Trust is the main factor that makes the Danes one of the happiest people in the world. The Danes maintain a high level of trust between each other. They give more importance to relationships than money.

The strong social network also keeps away the stress and bring more opportunities to their daily life. Danes are not too ambitious. They have a great sense of human equality.

3 Canada, Life Satisfaction Score : 7.6

Compared to other North American countries Canadians enjoy more positive experiences and life satisfaction. The country has high a disposable income of US$30000. It indicates the higher living standards of Canadians. More than 70% of Canadians owns their own home and automobiles. They follow a perfect work-life to make their daily life less stressful and to involve in domestic works.

Canadians never fear much about the robbery and other threat from the criminals. Because the rate of crime and homicide in Canada is very low. In case of emergency, they will also get immediate support from police and medical care services.

2 Norway, Life Satisfaction Score : 7.7

Undoubtedly Norway is one of the greatest places in the world. Norway ranks in top level among the happiest, safest, healthiest and well-educated countries. The unemployment rate in Norway is just 3.4% and personal earnings are much higher. The working population on full-time contracts will get five weeks of holidays every year. In that way, Norwegians follow an outstanding standard of living.

There is extremely low criminal and incarceration rate in Norway. It is also one of the least corrupt countries in the world. The Norwegian Government committed to providing equal benefits to everyone in the society. The older and disabled people will also get health insurance and pension from the government.

1 Switzerland, Life Satisfaction Score : 7.8

The small and beautiful Switzerland is home to the happiest people on Earth. The country is economically very strong and has a much transparent government. The unemployment rate of Switzerland is just 2.9%. The working citizens also get high wages in the country. At the same time, the taxes are very low in Switzerland.

The majority of Swiss citizens don’t work for long hours. They spend with family members, friends, involve in child care and their own hobbies on weekends and evenings. They also enjoy sports activities on a daily basis. It makes the Swiss citizen fit and energetic.

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