10 shortest living animals in the world

Wednesday - 17 January, 2018

Change in metabolism, brain to body ratio, environment, and many other unknown factors determine the lifespan of animals. Some animals live for 150 years, and some others only live for few hours. Check out the list of 10 shortest living animals in the world.

10 Domestic Rabbits, 8-12 Years

Rabbits are small mammal live in various parts of the world. The domestic rabbits only have an average lifespan of 8-12 years. They found in different size and colors. But this lovely species only have a lifespan of few years. Fat deposition and uterine cancer are the primary diseases that affect domestic rabbits. Female rabbits are more prone to these diseases than males. They may die soon without proper Medicare and feeding

The feeding of a high amount of root vegetables and fruits also lead to many health problems in rabbits. They also need a large volume of water every day. Rabbits are prolific breeders because of their shorter lifespan.

9 Guinea Pigs, 4 Years

Guinea pigs are cute, lovable, social animals native to South Africa. Sadly, their lifespan is limited to a short period of 4 years. Guinea pigs easily affected by series of diseases. You need to feed this cute pet at a right interval of time.

The Veterinary check-up at the right time is also a must for guinea pigs. With proper care, you could extend the life span of guinea pigs up to 4 years. But it is quite hard to keep guinea pigs from the illness like scurvy, bronchitis, and Bumblefoot.

8 Mosquitofish, 2 years

Mosquitofish is one of the freshwater fishes native to the United States. They only live up to two years. But mosquito fishes live in captivity show longer life than those live in saline water. The female fishes also have slightly larger lifespan than males.

Even though the lifespan in saline water is short, mosquito fishes have some advantage in living there. Because not all predatory fishes can live in saline water.

7 Chameleon, 1 Year

Panther chameleons only have a lifespan of 1 year. In fact, Pather chameleon has the shortest lifespan among reptiles and chameleon family. Panther chameleons are native to Northern and Eastern parts of Madagascar. They show rapid mating behavior because of their shorter life span.

Interestingly, the entire adult chameleons disappear before the next generation emerges out from the eggs. The rapid color changing is the most noticeable characteristic of chameleons. So, they can easily blend into the natural environment. The diet of chameleons mainly includes crickets and worms.

6 House Mouse, 1 years

The average lifespan of house mouse is one year. But predators like cats and poisoning also could end their life at any time. House rats are also prone to many health problems during their growing stage. They are also prolific breeders because of shorter life span.

5 Dragon Fly, 4 months

There are 5000 different species of dragonflies in the world. The maximum lifespan of dragonflies is about four months. But most of the dragonflies won’t live that much time because they can be quickly eaten by spiders, birds, lizards, and frogs. The strong wind and other harsh climate conditions also stop them from emerging out as a dragonfly from larvae form.

Dragonflies also can’t fly quickly after the completion of larvae stage. This situation makes them eat by reptiles and birds quickly. They also can’t live longer in cold conditions.

4 Houseflies, 4 Weeks

Houseflies are the most common and one of the irritating insects that found across your house. The lifetime of houseflies is limited to the only a short period of 4 weeks. The houseflies live in households have more lifespan than one live in wild environments. Within their shorter life cycle, every female housefly lay up to 1000 eggs.

3 Drone Ants, 3 Weeks

Drone ants are the male members of an ant colony. They have the only life cycle of 3 weeks. Drone ants follow a lazy behavior, never work much. Females always establish the ant colonies. Interestingly, drone ants died fast once they mated with females. Thus, drone ants play a significant role in the existence of ant colonies within their shorter life cycle.

2 Gastrotrichs, 3 Days

Gastrotrichs are one of the marine microorganisms that live in the marine environments. They grow up to a maximum size of 3 millimeters. The life circle of Gastrotrich is limited to just three days.

Gastrotrichs have transparent body structure and swim along with currents. Gastrotrichs also attach to other water bodies using hundreds of adhesive tubes on the lower part of the bodies. Gastrotrichs have both male and female organs for reproduction.

1 Mayflies, 24 hours

Mayflies have the shortest lifespan on Earth. Their life lasts only for 24 hours. Mayflies also called as ‘one-day insects’ because of their shortest life span. There are 2500 different species of mayflies in the world. In fact, some members of mayfly family die within few hours.

Mayflies spend most of their lifetime as nymphs. The only purpose of mayflies is a reproduction. Within this short period of life, they form groups and dance together on all available surfaces.

Wednesday - 17 January, 2018
10 shortest living animals in the world

Change in metabolism, brain to body ratio, environment, and many other unknown factors determine the lifespan of animals. Some animals live for 150 years, and some others only live for few hours. Check out the list of 10 shortest living animals in the world.

Wednesday - 17 January, 2018
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