10 Smallest Birds In The World

Friday - 21 December, 2017

Mother Nature has the power to mesmerize us every now and then with new findings and unique organisms be it big or small or weak or strong.

Usually it is the flashiest birds that that manage to get our attention. But what about the tiniest of the tiny birds, they are so tiny that we almost feel we imagined them when they flutter by? These itty bitty species also deserve a bit of our attention. Go through our list to meet some of the smallest birds in the world.

10 Crimson Chat

The crimson Chat are a species of tiny birds they are also famous as the saltbush canary, tricolored chat and crimson breasted nun.

They have thin, long legs; sharp, downward curved bill; and a tongue tipped like a brush. Grown-up males have brown feathers, red crowns and a black mask surrounding their eyes; with white throats. Females and young chats are similarly colored, however with pale markings. They are 10 to 12 cm in length and 10 to 11 g in weight.

9 Tropical Parula

Tropical Parulas are a prevalent and common species and smallest bird in the world. They are widely spread as a breeding species, engaging in both lowland and montane forests, and found in both evergreen and deciduous habitats.

Tropical Parulas are blue gray on top with a black mask by the eye. They are found alone or in flocks of mixed species. Tropical Parulas scavenge in classic warbler manner, hoping from branch to branch picking insects from shrubbery. They are 11cm in length and 3g in weight.

8 Bananaquit

Bananaquits are smallest and lively birds in the world found in warmer parts of Americas, and are by and large common. They are highly companionable and affable birds widespread around gardens where there are abundant flowers. The Bananaquits visit flowers for insects and nectar. Bananaquits are small honeycreepers. They are 7.5 to 12 cm in length and 5.5 to 19 g in weight.

7 Goldfinch

The Lesser Goldfinch also known as Dark Backed Goldfinch is a smallest songbird in the world. The American goldfinches are easily distinguished with males having a black forehead. This little species is the smallest North American Spinus finch, it might be the tiniest true finch found in the world. This species varies from 9-12 cm in length and can weigh from 8-11.5 g.

The lesser goldfinch is frequently spotted in flocks. They utilize just about any habitat with shrubs or trees with the exception of dense forests, and are widespread and noticeable in many residential areas.

6 Brown Gerygone

Brown Gerygone yet another smallest bird in the world and also known as Brown Warbler. Brown Gerygones are: 9 to 11 cm in length and 5 to 6 g in weight. They are tiny passerine birds local to eastern coastal Australia. Their upper part is dark olive grey or olive brown, whereas their face and under parts are cream, light grey, or pale brown. They can easily be sighted in coastal rainforests, alone or else in small groups of 2 to 4. They feed on insects.

5 Goldcrest

Goldcrests are the smallest birds of Europe. Despite of being so tiny they travel non-stop over 500 kms. The fact that they hitch a ride surrounded by the trail of migrating woodcocks has earned them their prior name -Woodcock Pilot. Goldcrests are: 8 to 9 cm in length and 5 to 7 g in weight.

4 Golden Headed Cisticola

The Golden Headed Cisticole are smallest bird in the world and also famous as the bright headed cisticola, is a genus of warbler found from Australia to India. They are also known as Taylor birds because of their skill to ‘sew’ leaves to build their nests. Golden Headed Cisticoles are 10 cm in length and 10 g in weight.

3 Pardalotes

Pardolates are very small, vibrantly colored birds’ inhabitant to Australia they range in size from 8.5 to 12 cm in length, they have short tails, brawny legs, and short rounded beaks. Pardolates family comprises of 4 species in one genre i.e. Pardalotus, and few subspecies. The name is derived from a Greek word which means – spotted, as Pardolates have spectacular spots on their crown and wings. Pardolates are also famous as ‘diamond bird’. They are generally spotted in pairs on Eucalyptus trees.

2 Weebill

The Weebill species has a wee bill and a wee body to go with (thus the name). The Weebill also known as Smicrornis brevirostris is the smallest bird in Australia’s roughly 8-9 cm long. It is an olive yellow songster with brown wings, grey bill and feet and pale yellow eyes.

This tiny bird species likes to travels in small flocks and lives in wooded area, they particularly prefer eucalyptus forests. They are an extremely energetic species and move very quickly. They can be spotted on trees extricating insects; their diet mostly consists of larvae and insects.

1 Bee Hummingbird

Bee hummingbird is the tiniest bird in the world. It is 5.5cm long and its weight is around 1.6-1.8g (hardly bigger than a bee, thus the name Bee hummingbird). They lays the smallest eggs, their eggs are even smaller than seeds.

They build their nests with lichen and cobwebs where they hatch their eggs. Bee hummingbirds are native to Cuba and are seldom spotted on any other close by islands. These magnificent tiny wonder among birds are listed as endangered because of habitat loss since forests are rehabilitated to farmland. The Bee hummingbird species requires efforts for their conservation to recover their population.

Monday - 24 December, 2017
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Friday - 21 December, 2017
10 Smallest Birds In The World

Mother Nature has the power to mesmerize us every now and then with new findings and unique organisms be it big or small or weak or strong. Usually it is the flashiest birds that that manage to get our attention. But what about the tiniest of the tiny birds, they are

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10 Smallest Birds In The World

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