10 Most Poisonous Animals In The World

Wednesday - 17 January, 2018

We are all afraid of snakes. Because we know venom of some snakes are potent enough to kill us. So, on spotting a snake, even if it’s a non-venomous snake, we will get scared. But, not just snakes, there are many poisonous animals you are not familiar with. Check out this list of most poisonous animals in the world.

10 Puffer Fish

Puffer fish is the second most poisonous vertebrate in the world. They inhabit in all tropical seas in the world. Their venom is potent enough to kill humans. The liver, kidneys and spikes of a puffer fish contains dangerous nerve toxin called tetrodotoxin.

This venom of putter fish is 1200 times more dangerous than cyanide. To be precise, venom of a single puffer fish could kill up to 30 adult men.Scientists estimated that even the larvae of puffer fish contains small amounts of poison. Amazingly, in Japanese like to have the meat of puffer fish. The name of the dish is ‘fugu’.

9 Poison Dart Frog

Poison dart frog is the most poisonous vertebrate in the world. They inhabit in rainforests of Central and South America. There are 100 different types of poison dart frogs are in the world. They varies by color and pattern.

Golden poison dart frogs are most dangerous among the family. One golden poison dart frog contain enough venom to kill up to 10 adult men. These frogs gain their potent venom by eating a special types of arthropod insects.

8 Brazilian Wandering Spider

Brazilian wandering spider holds Guinness book of world record for being the most venomous spider in the world. Their bite could cause death even to humans. Luckily, antidote for Brazilian wandering spider venom is available. These spiders live in crowded places of Brazil and Amazon forest.Unlike other spiders, Brazilian wandering spider won’t sues web to find food.

Brazilian wandering spiders walk around the jungle floors in searching for food. They mainly feed on insects and other spiders. The bite from Brazilian wandering spiders cause intense pain, loss of muscle control and inflammation. Imeediate medical attention is must for human victims.

7 Inland Taipan

The venom of an inland Taipan is 200 times more dangerous than a common cobra. They found across central Australia. A single bite from inland Taipan has enough venom to kill up to 100 adult humans.

The inland Taipans are very shy in nature and inhabit in dunes and rocks. There is no recorded fatal attack on humans by inland Taipans. It is because inland Taipans are more likely to avoid contact with humans.

6 Death Stalker Scorpion

Death stalker scorpions posses the deadliest venom than any other species of scorpions. These aggressive scorpions inhabit in the deserts and scrublands across Middle East and North Africa. The neotrotoxin venom present in death stalker scorpions can be deadly even to humans.

The bite from a death stalker scorpion is extremely painful and couls cause heart issues. Once bitten, you need to seek medical attention as soon as possible. Delay for proper treatment could cause severe issues and even death.

5 Stone Fish

The extremely dangerous stone fishes are found in tropical waters of Indo-Pacific ocean. They lurk in mud or sand on ocean floors. It makes very hard to find them. This deadly species contains 13 sharp poisonous dorsal spines. They sting very quickly. It cause extreme pain, swelling, muscle weakness and temporary paralysis. Without proper treatment, there is high chances of death.

4 Marbled Cone Snail

Marble cone snail is a special species of conus genus family. They found mainly in Indian ocean. One drop of venom from marble cone snail has enough power to kill up to 20 adult humans. They mainly use their deadly venom to catch the prey.

Unfortunately, there is no antivenom for the bite of marble cone snail. Sting from marble cone snails normally occur when the snorkelers and swimmers who handle them carelessly. The venom can cause loss of coordination, difficulty in breathing, heart failure and double vision. The serious cases even lead to coma or death.

3 Blue Ringed Octopus

Blue ringed octopus is the smallest member of octopus family. They measures only 20 cm in diameter. The blue ringed octopuses are extremely dangerous. They can produce two types of venom through their saliva. The first type is use to catch the preys. The second type of venom is called tetrotoxin which can be deadly even to humans.

Only 25 grams of venom of blue ringed octopus is enough to paralyze 10 adult humans. Unlike other poisonous animals, the bite from blue ringed octopus is not painful. But in a few minutes after bite the victim would experience numbness, vomiting, swallowing, difficulty in breathing and nausea. It also leads to death if not treated as soon as possible.

2 King Cobra

King Cobra is the longest poisonous snake in the world. They inhabit in the highland forests of Asia. An adult king cobra can be 18 feet in length. They inject high amount of nuetrotoxin on a single bite. It is powerful enough to kill an African elephant within hours. Unlike other snakes, king cobras inject 5 times more venom on a single bite. That amount of venom can kill up to 20 grown men.

This lengthy snake also can stand up to a maximum height of 6 feet. Normally, king cobras try to avoid the presence of humans. But they become very aggressive if irritated. The long king cobras can bite from long distances. The bite from king cobras are extremely painful and the venom would spread rapidly. So that immediate medical attention is very necessary.

1 Box Jelly Fish

The box jellyfish is the most venomous creature known to mankind. They inhabit in Indo-Pacific region. There have been hundreds of reported fatal attack on humans by box jelly fishes every year.

The cube shaped jelly fishes have 15 tentacles on each side of their body. These tentacles can reach up to 10 feet in length. These tentacles also contain more than 5000 stinging cells. The venom of box jellyfishes will affect the nervous system and the heart. The human victims are likely to die before reaching the shore.

Wednesday - 17 January, 2018
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