10 Famous Street Foods In Delhi

Thursday - 27 December, 2017

You can say whatever you want about this city and you will always fall short of completely capturing the soul of the place. And really, how can you, with a history like Delhi’s? Something else that Delhiites beat everyone else at, is food. Eating, making, ordering for food, everything about the dilli cuisine is exquisitely prepared, sometimes dangerous (for the bowels!), sometimes mellow, a blend of many opposing tastes, much like the people themselves. With much love and much more growling of our stomachs, we bring you some of the best street food joints from Delhi!

10 Ram Ladoo

Moong daal ladoo /Ram laddo’s are very popular in Delhi. A very tangy and chatpata snack,yes you read it right- these ram ladoos are not at all a sweet dish , but a favourite chat item/street food, specially sold during winter season,that time you can find it in every road side chat corners or hawkers selling in streets and lanes.

9 Kulfi Falooda-Halwa

There can be no other place for kulfi-falooda than Gianni di Hatti in Fatehpur. The rabri falooda is rich, creamy and a delight to taste-buds. The added cashew nuts and almonds add to the richness of it. The daal halwa is one of the best you will have in Delhi. You can also have some sohan halwa from the 200-year-old Ghantewala, Chandini Chowk’s oldest sweet shop.

8 Kebabs

The rise of Khan Chacha from a little corner shop to a full-fledged restaurant is now part of Khan Market’s legend. Drop in for the city’s best mutton kebab and kathi rolls. The service is quick and you feel cozy as you stuff down kebab after kebab with their delicious chutney after a movie or an early dinner at reasonable prices. A heaven for all meat-lovers, Khan Chacha is also a treat for vegetarians with their delicious Paneer Roomaliand the Hariyali Kebab Roomali rolls.

7 Kulle Fruit Chaat

Nearby in Chawri Bazaar, Hira Lal Chaat Corner and Jugal Kishore Ramji Lal have perfected variations of fruit chaat. Each fruit cup is then stuffed with masala spices, kala namak, lime juice, boiled chickpeas, and pomegranate seeds.The combination of ingredients all mingled together, balances out into a complete harmonization of flavors.

6 Dahi Bhalla

Begin with an eye-wateringly piquant dahi bhalla (spiced yogurt snack) from Natraj Dahi Bhalle Walle which is undoubtedly one of the best in the city. Barely larger than a kiosk, this place has stood for decades without a dip in quality. The dahi is creamy and thick, the bhalla is coarsely ground and the chutney is poured with a restrained hand, so that all the elements are in perfect harmony.

5 Chhole Kulche

Chhole kulche is like haiku, the Japanese poetry form that says so much in so few words. With no oil, no fat and as light as a feather, it is still mealy.

4 Momos

Momos are our answer to fancy dumplings in restaurants costing an arm and a leg. The charm of eating Momos at the Sikkim stall at Dilli Haat with the chilli sauce and fruit beer remains unbeatable. You can choose to have pork momos or chicken momos. One plate of Momos costs between Rs 40 and Rs 60 and you won’t regret the investment for they are delicious.

3 Chhole Bhature

Many diets are broken with just the thought of this luscious deep fried ball of wonder. The title for the best Chole Bhature is just slightly disputed in Delhi with the winner emerging as Sitaram Diwan Chand (Paharganj) followed very closely by Nagpal’s and Chache di hatti. The bhature in Sitaram are generously lined with paneer shreds and go perfectly with the delectably spicy chole.

2 Samosa

This little triangular piece of heaven is probably what keeps Delhi hearts beating. The best thing about it is that you get fabulous Samosas at carts across the city and its tough to pick a favourite but if hard pressed for a name, Munni Lal Halwai (Frontier Waale) Samosa Shop in Gole Market (earlier in Panchkuian) may win this one. These crispy wonders are incredibly affordable at Rs 12 per piece.

1 Paranthe

Head into the boisterous lanes to Pandit Baburam Devidayal or Kanhaiya Lal Durga Prasad in what is known as Paranthe Wale Galli. Their fried, crisp parantha breads comestuffed with the usual (potato or paneer) and the unusual (banana or rabdi) and you can also keep it light with the paper-thin papad paranthas.

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