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10 Best Inspirational and Motivational Movies

Here is a list of top 10 best inspirational and motivational movies. Some of the movies are based on real life incidents, while others are great work

10 Countries With The Highest Murder Rates

The countries with the highest murder rates may surprise you. It’s a known fact that the modern world is everything but a safe place. But it’s

Top 5 Most Spectacular Space Photos From NASA

NASA have incredible records of space achievement than any other space agency in the world. From successful manned mission to Moon in 1969 to on

10 High Tech and Advanced Wrist Watches

Most of the people think why to wear a watch when they already have smartphones always in their hand. Well, it's a same question like why to have a

Nasa discovered Hottest planet in universe

Researchers have discovered the hottest planet ever known, with a surface temperature of 4,327º C – almost as hot as our Sun’s surface. While

10 Most Unique Smartphones in The World

Smartphones have become our biggest friends in a day to day life. We probably spend more time with our smartphone than any other device daily. But

Ek Deewaani - Chapter 1

प्यार एक छोटा सा शब्द ! चाहे तो किसी की जिंदगी आबाद कर दे

Top 10 Best Science Fiction movies

A long time ago, in a land far away... there were no space movies. Luckily, we have lots and the Guardian and Observer's critics have picked the 10

10 Strongest Currencies in the World

Which is the strongest currency in the world? As our list of 10 strongest currencies in the world unfolds, you will come to know that the United

10 death-defying stunts done by Tom Cruise

Onn the surface, Tom Cruise has a reputation for being a soft celeb. Despite an increasing collection of leading roles in big budget action flicks,

10 Best Animation Movies For Your Kids

As a parent, only you can help your kid understand the concept of morality. But, kids typically don’t like lectures!. So, how do you teach them

Top 10 Foods For Increasing Height

Height has always been a matter of concern for all of us. People of short height often suffer from low confidence and inferiority complex when they

10 Smallest Birds In The World

Mother Nature has the power to mesmerize us every now and then with new findings and unique organisms be it big or small or weak or strong. Usually

10 Fastest Trains In The World 2018

Of course, trains can’t fly over oceans like airplanes. But that doesn’t mean trains can’t run as fast as planes. Fortunately, some trains in

Top 10 Best Tamil Horror Movies

Following are the list of "Top 10 Best Tamil Horror Movies" Which is famous in Tollywood and Bollywood.


Monday - 24 December, 2017
Top 10 Deadliest Fishes In The World

The great white sharks are notorious for their vicious attack on humans. They also considered as the most dangerous creature in the oceans. But in fact, there are some other fishes in the world that are as dangerous as sharks.

Monday - 24 December, 2017
Top 10 Highest Flying Birds In The World

Flying like a bird is a dream of every human. Of course, we have airplanes to fly in sky. A commercial flight can travel at an altitude of 30000-40000 ft. But, some birds can easily reach such great altitude. The followings are

Monday - 24 December, 2017
Top 10 Worst Smelling Flowers In The World

Can all flowers smell good? no chance at all. Some flowers may look beautiful, but you will definitely hold your nose when you get closer to them. Because some flowers stink to attract pollinating insects like carrion flies. That

Monday - 24 December, 2017
10 Most Beautiful Insects In The World

With more than 1 million species, insects are the most diverse group of organism on Earth. This domination of insect is not in case of numbers. But they also comprise some of most beautiful groups of creatures on the planet,

Friday - 21 December, 2017
10 Largest Trees Of The World

The trees are the main reason why you and I are still alive. It’s the only reason why humanity is at a point where it is right now. This article pays a tribute to several trees which have managed to survive and prosper over

Friday - 21 December, 2017
10 Smallest Birds In The World

Mother Nature has the power to mesmerize us every now and then with new findings and unique organisms be it big or small or weak or strong. Usually it is the flashiest birds that that manage to get our attention. But what about

Thursday - 20 December, 2017
Top 10 slowest animals in the world

Every animal species have some kind of speciality that make them unique. Some animals have power to run faster than super cars, at same time some species are super slow in motion. Here the list of top 10 slowest animals in the

Thursday - 20 December, 2017
Top 5 Oldest Animal Species On Earth

Evolution of animals merely depends upon environmental conditions of Earth. When digging down the history of Earth, we can see some animal species manage to thrive upon THE different geological time span of Earth, developed

Thursday - 20 December, 2017
Top 10 Most Beautiful Mountains In The World

Height may be the primary factor for which mountains are known for. But, height alone can’t determine the beauty of a mountain. It depends on several factors such as shape or location. Here the list of 10 most beautiful

Thursday - 20 December, 2017
10 Most Annoying Insects On Earth

Potentially representing over 90% of all animal life forms on Earth, the insect is by far the most diverse group of animals on the planet. Insects come in many different shapes, colors, and sizes; many of them are actually very

Thursday - 20 December, 2017
10 Most Intelligent Animals On Earth

Although most people wouldn’t typically associate extreme intelligence with animals, that is a bit of a misconception. While they are obviously not able to match the computational and meta cognitive power of the human brain

Thursday - 20 December, 2017
Top 10 Rarest Birds You Might Have Never Seen

Chances are you’ve probably never seen some of the rarest birds in the world and you are not alone. There approximately ten thousand different species of birds. Some of them are very common, in fact you probably see them every

Thursday - 20 December, 2017
10 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds

There are many factors that play a role when assigning a “danger” level to a dog but most critics and researchers disagree as to what these factors are. Consequently, it’s unfair to callously label a dog as dangerous.

Thursday - 20 December, 2017
10 Incredible Birds That Will Blow Your Mind

If you’re a fan of beautiful things, you’re going to love these exotic birds! Some of these birds are dripping with color and love to show them off. Even birds that many not be as pretty as the rest are remarkable in their

Thursday - 20 December, 2017
8 Animals Likely To Disappear In The Near Future

Can you imagine a world without animals? Nobody can. Because each animal has an important role in balancing the ecosystem of the nature. Animals also can be everything for humans, as true companions, loyal workers and resources.

Thursday -
Top 8 Animals With Incredible Hearing

There is absolutely nothing in the world could match with human intelligence. Animals also have such unmatchable powers. For example, the echolocation used by dolphins. This advanced mode of hearing is even efficient than human

Wednesday - 5 December, 2017
Top 10 Cutest Baby Animals In The World

No matter how stressed or bored you are spotting a baby animal could instantly change your mood. Not just their look their behaviors also have a magical power to make you feel good. Here the list of 10 cutest baby animals in the

Wednesday - 5 December, 2017
10 Most Venomous Spiders in The World

Most people hate spiders. They hide in dark corners, creep around, and make webs that get all over your face. If you found a big spider crawling over your shoulder right now, be honest, you’d probably jump out of your seat in

Wednesday - 5 December, 2017
Top 10 Scariest Sea Monsters

Did you know that there are some scary creatures at the bottom of the ocean? It’s true, we know more about the universe that surrounds us than we do the oceans on our own planet. In fact, even to this day we’re discovering

Wednesday - 5 December, 2017
10 Abnormally Large Animals

Although when you think of large animals you probably imagine dinosaurs or woolly mammoths, there are lots of enormous creatures roaming our world today. In fact, some of the biggest animals in history are alive at this very