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Top 5 Most Spectacular Space Photos From NASA

NASA have incredible records of space achievement than any other space agency in the world. From successful manned mission to Moon in 1969 to on

Nasa discovered Hottest planet in universe

Researchers have discovered the hottest planet ever known, with a surface temperature of 4,327º C – almost as hot as our Sun’s surface. While

10 Best Inspirational and Motivational Movies

Here is a list of top 10 best inspirational and motivational movies. Some of the movies are based on real life incidents, while others are great work

10 Countries With The Highest Murder Rates

The countries with the highest murder rates may surprise you. It’s a known fact that the modern world is everything but a safe place. But it’s

10 High Tech and Advanced Wrist Watches

Most of the people think why to wear a watch when they already have smartphones always in their hand. Well, it's a same question like why to have a

Top 10 Best Tamil Horror Movies

Following are the list of "Top 10 Best Tamil Horror Movies" Which is famous in Tollywood and Bollywood.

Top 10 Best Science Fiction movies

A long time ago, in a land far away... there were no space movies. Luckily, we have lots and the Guardian and Observer's critics have picked the 10

10 Most Unique Smartphones in The World

Smartphones have become our biggest friends in a day to day life. We probably spend more time with our smartphone than any other device daily. But

Top 10 Foods For Increasing Height

Height has always been a matter of concern for all of us. People of short height often suffer from low confidence and inferiority complex when they

5 Photos OF Most Beautiful Kuwaiti Women

Following are is 5 most beautiful kuwaiti women of all time.

10 death-defying stunts done by Tom Cruise

Onn the surface, Tom Cruise has a reputation for being a soft celeb. Despite an increasing collection of leading roles in big budget action flicks,

10 Upcoming Hollywood Horror Movies In 2018

Following are the list of 10 Upcoming Hollywood Horror Movies In 2018. Hope you like this movies.

Top 10 hollywood Movies Based On True Story

The cinema is a great place to unwind and take a break from real life, but sometimes a great movie is actually based on a true story. Here is the

Know when the milk becomes poison for us?

Milk is considered to be very good for our health and there are many positive advantages of drinking milk. But milk also has many disadvantages of

10 Best Animation Movies For Your Kids

As a parent, only you can help your kid understand the concept of morality. But, kids typically don’t like lectures!. So, how do you teach them


Monday - 12 February, 2018
Top Places for tourists in Delhi

Delhi, India’s capital territory, is a massive metropolitan area in the country’s north. Delhi is a lot more than just a city of love. It is the absolute combination of tradition and modernity. A city with innumerable

Wednesday - 10 January, 2018
10 Countries With The Highest Murder Rates

The countries with the highest murder rates may surprise you. It’s a known fact that the modern world is everything but a safe place. But it’s shocking to see just how unsafe the world can be. On today’s list we are going

Monday - 8 January, 2018
10 Most Breathtaking Caribbean Getaways

Also known as the West Indies, the Caribbean consists of over 7,000 islands less than 2% of which are inhabited. For anyone looking to escape the daily grind there is almost no place better to go. With incredibly diverse

Monday - 8 January, 2018
Top 10 Coolest Beaches in the World

If you enjoyed our list of breathtaking Caribbean getaways then you are sure to be a fan of this one as well. While it can be hard to define what makes one beach better than another, we tried to include a wide variety in our

Monday - 8 January, 2018
10 Longest Beaches In The World

Relaxing at a sun-drenched, palm-fringed beach surrounded by warm, crystal clear waters is one of the coolest things you can do on a vacation. However, many of these beautiful beaches are just too small and crowded to give you

Tuesday - 2 January, 2018
10 most amazing royal palaces in the world

The royal homes of kings and emperors reflects their architecture style and wealthness. Today most of greatest palaces around the world becomes one of popular tourist attractions. Visiting such great palaces help to explore

Thursday - 27 December, 2017
10 Famous Street Foods In Delhi

You can say whatever you want about this city and you will always fall short of completely capturing the soul of the place. And really, how can you, with a history like Delhi’s? Something else that Delhiites beat everyone else

Thursday - 27 December, 2017
Top 10 Places To Visit In Rajasthan

Rajasthan, known formerly by the name Rajputana or the land of the kings, is the largest state in the republic of India. It covers an area of 342,239 sq kilometers which is 10.4% of India. However despite of its large size it is

Monday - 24 December, 2017
10 Most Dangerous Beaches In The World

Who doesn’t love a vacation at the beach? The powdery white sand, crystal clear waters, coconut palm trees all around you… We at pagegraphy love beaches too and have already published several beach posts such as 10 Of The

Monday - 24 December, 2017
10 Most Dangerous Places On Earth

What is the most dangerous place you have been to? A wild river? Maybe a tropical rainforest full of dangerous animals? In fact, there are many places on our planet that are extremely dangerous to be around, for numerous reasons.

Friday - 21 December, 2017
10 Forbidden Places You’re Not Allowed To Visit

With today’s travel technology, it’s hard to imagine a place you’re not allowed to visit. Yet, there are still places that cannot be (legally) visited as they are cut off for various reasons. Places such as secret military

Wednesday - 5 December, 2017
10 Tallest Buildings In The World

Ever felt like being on top of the world before? Well here is your chance! Here are 10 Tallest Buildings In The World You’ll Have To See To Believe

Wednesday - 5 December, 2017
Top 10 Attractions in Abu Dhabi

Following are the 10 major attractions in Abu Dhabi that are certainly worth your while.

Wednesday - 5 December, 2017
Top 10 Beautiful Black Sand Beaches

Black sand beaches are exactly what they sound like…they have black sand! Usually they form in volcanic regions so some of the best black sand beaches can be found in Hawaii and Iceland. In this list, however, we’re going to

Wednesday - 5 December, 2017
Top 10 Most Colorful Cities In The World

What defines the beauty of a city? It depends on various factors like landscape, architectural style, cleanliness, peacefulness, people…etc. The colors also play an important role in bringing an exceptional beauty to a city.

Wednesday - 5 December, 2017
Top 10 Most Beautiful Cities In The World

How would you define the beauty of a city? Probably based on art, architecture, mountains, beaches..etc. Some cities famous for their natural attractions, some for man made attractions and some others for both. That’s based on